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South View Community Primary School

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South View Community Primary School

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FOSV Newsletter July 2016

We are an enthusiastic group here to fundraise and support the school.

Our aim is to :

"Enhance the experience and the environment of your children"



Rachel Carrington (Chair)

Tracy Darke (Secretary)

Naomi Hirst (Joint Treasurer)

Lisa Woodroffe (Joint Treasurer)

Natasha Hinchliffe, Lucy Cousins, Tess McKenna, Cheryl Doyle, Teresa Phillips, As’ka Baran, Alice Williams, Andrea Kettles, Janine Goodall, Mark Mills, Kelly Wells, Ali Edwards, Tom Mayes, Gina Padmore, Sarah Houghton-Bird, Austin Houghton-Bird, Anne-Marie Coggins, Dudley Newmark, Gemma Mason, Jenny King, Nathan Hobson, Mandy Lees, Joseph Aigbefoh, Sharon Bell, Geoff Wilkerson, Tracey Wilkerson, Carolyn Simmons, Emma Godfrey and Kelly Ingram.